Whether it’s a hotel, warehouse, school, construction site, restaurant, or retail mall, Frontline Guard Services is committed to delivering the highest degree of protection possible for your business or property.

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Construction Security Guards

When it comes to addressing security needs, preventing loss, and maintaining control, our construction security solutions comprise highly trained and licensed security agents and the most advanced security technologies. The OSHA requirements are adhered to at all times by our construction site security officers.

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Warehouse Security Guard

Thieves and vandals target storage facilities of all sizes, and the damage they do can be substantial. Warehouse facilities are also at risk because of labor issues. Frontline Guard Services always suggests that such institutions be appropriately prepared for the possibility of security breaches by putting in place a security plan that has been carefully thought out. 

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Apartment Security Guards

Frontline Guard Services offers a wide range of security services for apartments and buildings of any size. No matter how many units there are on the property, the security guards at our apartments are trained to keep the inhabitants safe and to deal with tenants who are being disruptive. We can customize a security plan ideally adapted to safeguard the property and residents.

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Dispensary Security Guards

Although most states in the United States have passed legislation permitting the distribution of marijuana for therapeutic purposes, companies involved with the industry are still in legal limbo. By hiring our competent dispensary security guards, you can ensure the safety of your facility and keep it in compliance with current regulations. 

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Commercial Security Guards

Today’s businesses must contend with an overwhelming number of potential security breaches. Every business location needs to be geared up with an efficient security program that is a rock-solid foundation of people and technology backs. With us as your partner, you get solutions safeguarding any institution. We make it our responsibility to reduce costs and risk as much as possible.  

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Hospital Security Guard

Within the healthcare sector, Frontline Guard Services is widely regarded as the most reliable and in-demand provider of security services. As each new day passes, deadly diseases spread like wildfire, which generates an urgent need for a large number of healthcare centers with well-equipped infrastructure, including security, to ensure the safety of visitors.

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Casino Security Guards

The fact that casinos deal with extremely big sums of money is general knowledge. The presence of a huge number of people, each with their unique reasons for being there, increases the likelihood that trespassers and intruders may break into a casino and perform several different crimes there. Hire a casino security guard against Frontline Guard Services to ensure the utmost security of your guests and assets. 

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Industrial Security Guard

Thanks to an efficient security program, your industrial staff will benefit from a safer workplace. Our trained security professionals are constantly looking for potentially dangerous conditions, spills, faulty equipment, and fire prevention systems that aren’t working properly. They report any issues they find to you so that you can operate a safe plant and avoid accidents and injuries.

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Restaurants Security

Restaurants are intended to be places where big groups of people may gather to enjoy their food, engage in friendly conversation with one another, and otherwise unwind before leaving in peace. While some restaurants are open all day, every day of the week, others are only open for a specific time. Every restaurant needs to have a sufficient amount of safety measures in place. Hire our impeccable restaurant guards today. 

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Financial Security

A tailored approach yields the greatest results when it comes to providing security services for insurance and financial companies. We comprehend the distinct cultural brand and image that characterizes your firm. Our strategy involves customizing our officers’ education, appearance, and behavior in such a way that they not only complement your business but also reduce the risk to your people and your property

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Transport & Logistic Security

Regarding a process like docking designation, transportation, and logistics security services become particularly essential. The location must be guarded against possible intruders to reduce the risk of theft and criminal activity. Additionally, security guards can carry out and keep track of the shipping inventories while ensuring that punctuality is maintained within the facility. 

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Shopping Center Security Guards

The presence of security guards is one of the most effective deterrents against the commission of potential crimes within shopping centers. Security guards have the knowledge, training, and expertise necessary to deal effectively with any situation that may arise. They can contact the appropriate authorities in their area and receive aid in the event of an emergency.

Security Solutions for All Industries

Frontline Guard Services provides a comprehensive selection of security guards to clients in all sectors of the economy. No matter the nature of their enterprise, we support our customers and collaborate with them to supply sustainable and sustainable armed, and unarmed security guard protection. Our pricing is extremely competitive, and at your request, we devise customer-tailored security solutions that meet your needs. We specialize in the creation of individualized security plans that are adapted to the client’s situation as well as the geographical region. Because we are business owners, we know that your time is valuable to you. We can assist you in establishing an expanded awareness of the hazards to your organization thanks to our considerable expertise in the security guard field. This will enable you to make the best feasible judgements given the circumstances.

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