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One of the terrifying things that can happen to a person who owns a home or a business is for the fire alarm system to break down and stop protecting them and their possessions as effectively as it should. There are frequently some problems that occur, such as fire alarms that are not working, mistakes in the sprinkler system, and so on. Your company may be at risk as a result of all of these difficulties.

The primary function of the fire watch services provided by Riverside Armed Security Guards is to protect vulnerable property, equipment, and people from the dangers posed by potential fires. Our firefighting team is second to none, and its members have many years of expertise between them. Frontline Services fire watch guards are called into a building where there is heavy construction, where a fire alarm or sprinkler system is malfunctioning or not functioning correctly, or when there has been an outbreak of fire that has resulted in an interruption of power service the majority of the time. If a fire breaks out unexpectedly on the premises, they provide an additional layer of protection, ensuring the safety of any valuable objects, essential infrastructure, and people who might be there. This is what sets us apart from other companies and makes us the best suited to fulfill your requirements for fire watch.  

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FGS is rightly regarded as one of the industry’s most reputable and efficiently run security firms. Their security guards are professionals who put in a lot of effort and are highly trained. The company is an excellent choice for security services, whether you require them for your business or personal safety.
Liza Vasquez Event Planner
Liza Vasquez
The simplicity and the speed with which my request for a security guard was fulfilled left a very favorable impression on me. We feel much more secure thanks to the presence of the security guard who was assigned to our office. Thank you so much for being there when we needed protection the most!
Jessey Walker Warehouse Manager
Jessey Walker
Professional services and the satisfaction of the customer were their main focus. Any unanticipated problems were brought to everyone’s attention right away. I wouldn’t think twice about working with your company again and would refer it to others, too. I am grateful for the services you provided.
Looking forward to our next collaboration!
Frank H Distributor
Frank H
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Premium Fire Watch Guard Services All Over San Francisco 24/7

Frontline Services is the greatest fire and security business because we have years of hands-on experience working in the security industry, and our firm is made up of skilled and experienced guards who are ready to handle the job that you have in mind. Frontline Services provides all-inclusive fire watch security guard services to Security Services Los Angeles give you peace of mind while your business is running so that you can focus on running your business. The fact that they have the appropriate licenses, bonds, and insurance coverage is one more incentive to select the best fire watch security guards.

Frontline Services is a firm that provides fire watch security; thus, they are both quick to respond and ready at all times. Our group is prepared to fulfill the client’s desire and has knowledgeable staff members standing by. Before they can affect the surrounding region, our trained team will identify any fires, signs of fires, threats to life or property, and other potential hazards.

Why Hire Our Fire Watch Security Guards in San Francisco?

Faster Response Time

We always have members of our fire watch team on standby in case there are any last-minute requests or unexpected incidents. If there is a fire, this makes it possible for us to respond rapidly and effectively to the demands of our customers. We ensure that you comply with the neighborhood firefighters and provide you with the best possible fire watch security.

24/7 Protection

Our highly trained fire watch personnel is on duty seven days a week, 24 hours a day, to ensure that our customers are protected at all times. Our staff maintains a constant watchful presence wherever they are, whether in a public office or a private residence. They are the next best thing to guarantee everyone and everything on the job site is safe.

Watch Logs

Our crew maintains extensive logs that may be accessed by the fire department as well as the owner of the building where we work. Our fire watch guard can provide information in the event of a fire, and in the event of a fire, our fire watch guards will promptly transfer this data to the closest Fire Department and the inhabitants of the building.  


What is a fire watch guard?

A building or location that may present a fire hazard or be at risk of experiencing a fire is the focus of surveillance by a fire watch. A security officer who is in charge of maintaining the fire watch is responsible for conducting comprehensive and timely patrols over the entire area to guarantee that it has been thoroughly inspected for any fires or potential fire dangers (fire hazards). When there is a public event taking place or when an existing alarm system is not functioning properly, fire watches are utilized. Fire watches are typically carried out if hot work is being done at a location where a conveniently accessible water source is not present.

Fire watch guards, much like security guards, receive extensive training in a wide range of specialized areas. Techniques of patrol, which are essential to the upkeep of safety throughout a facility, constitute one of the most important aspects. In addition to training in patrols, these security guards also receive instruction in sophisticated first aid procedures and CPR. After all, prevention is always better than treatment.

What are the services provided by Frontline Services’ Fire Watch Guards?

Our fire watch services are adapted to the specifics of each job while still complying with industry standards and protocols. When Frontline Services security personnel have gained sufficient familiarity with the surrounding area, they will begin conducting routine patrols. The frequency of these rounds might range anywhere from once every 15 minutes to once every hour, depending on the area. They examine all of the emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and sources of ignition. Guards arrive with everything they require to properly inform others of a fire and evacuate the building in the event of an emergency. They will have access to the building as a whole and any items that are utilized to record data. Front Line Services fire watch guards will report the beginning and ending times of each round, problem areas, and conversations with DPS or local fire agencies.

Are Frontline Services Fire Watch Guards reliable?

The employees of Front Line Services fire watch have been through thorough training, have years of experience, and are equipped with the necessary tools to conduct their responsibilities on their own. By using our fire watch services offered, the client may have peace of mind knowing that both the asset and the people who tend to it will be protected appropriately in the case of an unexpected fire. 

What makes Frontline’s fire guard service unique?

The fire watch guards employed by Frontline Services have received comprehensive training and are certified to ensure compliance with all applicable state and municipal requirements. In addition, they have undergone specialized training in fire safety, as well as training on the specific fire safety equipment and evacuation protocols that are particular to your region. Since we are local, we are well-versed in the regulations, statutes, and standards governing our region’s fire safety. 

What type of business should consider fire watch services?

We provide fire watch services to a variety of establishments, including commercial property owners, hotels, the security of government facilities, elder living facilities, multifamily housing, and educational institutions, to name a few. In addition, we at Frontline Services work with our customers to develop a safety plan that is tailored to their unique specifications, as well as one that is affordable, given the particular budgetary limits they face. 


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